Alla Voroninskaya Alla Voroninskaya is a painter, currently living and working in Los Angeles. She received a BA in Fine Arts from UCLA and attended the Fine Art Masters program at Parsons the New School for Design, in New York City. She was born and spent the majority of her childhood years in Novosibirsk, the largest city in Siberia. From her earliest memories she had an interest in art making and a fascination with paint. Alla’s career in art began in Novosibirsk. By the age of six, she was studying painting at the Novosibirsk Art School, Zazerkalie. Her talent did not go unnoticed: several of Alla’s early oils were selected for a national showing at the Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow in 1994.

Her emigration to the United States in 1996 opened new opportunities for Alla to develop her talent and pursue her passion in art. Alla’s exposure to the contemporary art world and UCLA’s Fine Arts program cemented her determination to make painting her career.

Alla’s expertise lies heavily with the formal issues of painting, which she’s extended into a conceptually rooted aesthetic. Her work is comprised of abstract pieces reflecting atmospheric space, inspired by nature and the organic—with a scale from the cellular to the galactic. Her paintings may at first seem immersive, a function of Alla’s use of the soak stain technique. To show the raw physicality of the paintings as objects, however, Alla brings the viewer back to the surface with unique overlays of linear attributes and geometrical forms. Her use of color varies enormously, from gently muted tones to a dramatic and vivid cacophony of colors.

She creates both stand-alone pieces and room-sized series that are interconnected in form, theme and tone, which express a single, powerful impression. In her emergence as a singular and compelling young artist, she retains the sense of artistic adventure and unfettered creative imaginings that first captured her passion for paint.